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Tier 4 Student Visas

Guidance about student who want to come UK after March 2009 adults study in the UK must apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa.
Now the tier 4 Student Visa convert into the current UK study visa and also allows an adult student to study in the UK with a licensed sponsor on the Tier 4 register of sponsors and embark upon a course of study.
The Tier 4 Student Visa service present overseas students to get opportunity recognised qualifications from authentic and government approved universities and colleges in the UK.
The tier 4 Student Visa does not comprise a route to settlement, but, a visa for student immigration give a chance to switch another category of UK immigration without leave the country but after completion the course. If your course duration less then 6 months then you can able to peruse the UK visit visa. With your student visa category you also be able to take a limited employment (20 hours in a week).

Duration of UK Tier 4 :-
Duration of the tier 4 student visa is depend upon the your course.

  • If you are studying at degree level / graduate level or above, you can live for the full duration of your course, up to four years.
  • If your course is longer than four years, you also able to get UK Visa Extension to complete your cousre.
  • If you are studying below degree, your Student Visa will allow you to stay for up to three years.
One route for staying in the UK beyond a course of study, is through switching to a Tier 2 Work Permit. You will require a specific offer of employment from a British company.
Visasinfo can organize adult students to make informed decisions about their futures through our UK Study service for bright students. Our organization provide comprehensive and informative resources, programs and counseling on career progress and visa applications and have access to a wide-range of partnerships with universities, educational institutions, and administrative departments.


The new student route under the new point base system present five key changes to the current system. Adult students applying to study abroad in the UK must:

•Have a proven track record in studying before coming to the UK.

•Have recognised qualifications equivalent to National Qualification Framework in the UK education system.

•Produce evidence of sufficient funds to pass a maintenance test.

•Produce documents used to obtain an offer from the university or college sponsoring, such as qualification certificates.

To be able to travel to the United Kingdom as a general student after the end of March 2009, adult students must pass a points-based system to get 40 points.

Visa letter from education provider = 30 points

Maintenance fees to cover course fees and living expenses = 10 points

Detail regarding Visa Letter / Checklist

It is also called an offer letter from your education provider who is your immigration sponsor, including information about yourself, your sponsor person, the course, and your financial matters .

What is a licensed sponsor?

The licensed sponsor is the university or college you have chosen to enroll with. Visas info have extensive partnerships with many schools, colleges and universities on the tier 4 register of sponsors. Find the tier 4 licensed sponsor list here.

Can I work?

Unlike UK visit visa or travel visa application, applicants for study permits may take part-time or holiday work but must not engage in the following:

•Work for more than 20 hours a week during term time (except in vacation periods), unless it is a work placement and part of a study program and the educational institution agrees.

•Conduct business, be self-employed, or provide services as a professional sports person or entertainer.

•Work full-time in a permanent job.

it also depend on what you have studied, if you wish to like on in the UK once you have successfully got your qualification, you may be eligible to switch into other UK Study visa catagory called Tier 1 - Post-Study Work visa.

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