Sunday, November 29, 2009

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UK Student Visa Check List - Visa Letter

Category                    This should say general student

Student                                 •Name
                                            •Address in the country where you live now
                                            •The passport or travel document number (optional)

Sponsor                                 •licence number
                                            •address and contact details
                                            •the name & address of any partner
                                              institution if the student is studying
                                             at another institution as part of this course
                                            •the name & address of any overseas higher
                                             education Institution if the time of  the
                                             United Kingdom study is part of an overseas
                                             higher education course

Course                                  •title
                                             •the academic level of course or qualification awarded when finished
                                             •start date
                                             •expected end date
                                             •hours per week
                                             •address of the student?s main place of study if different to the sponsor?s main
                                             •address of the organisation offering the student a work placement, if known
                                              and relevant

Finances                                •course fees for the first year
                                             •course fees paid so far
                                             •accommodation fees for the first year (if relevant)
                                             •accommodation fees paid so far (if relevant)

Documents used                    •a brief description of each piece of evidence
to get the offer                     •course title (if applicable)
(used by the sponsor to         •level of qualification you got (if applicable)

assess your suitability to         •year of graduation or that you finished (if applicable)
complete the course)             •details of who issued the evidence (including contact details)

                                            •date of issue

                                            •an Academic Technology Approval Scheme
                                             (ATAS) clearance certificate if
                                             needed for the course

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