Friday, July 16, 2010


English language schools have won an important High Court Victory, means that the current restrictions, which do not allow entry into the four categories of visas to learn English for beginners, if English will be the end. If these restrictions were allowed to continue will result in thousands of people losing their jobs and perhaps even up to 600 million pounds in lost revenue for the school of English.

Immigration laws were introduced last UK Government's to prevent entry only to students of English at the level of entry into the UK. Many people think that is pretty ridiculous that he would first need to have very good English, if you want to come to the UK to learn English. In accordance with the provisions of those on short courses is also not allowed to bring their spouses to the UK.
easier English language requirements for tier 4 visas
English UK, which accounts for most English language schools in Britain, recently won their appeal in the High Court. Justice Foskett found that the restrictions are illegal, as they were made, changing the guidelines, and not change the rules in Parliament.

Chief Executive of English UK Tony Millns had the following to say:

"We are pleased that Mr. Foskett judge saw the merits of our case. We believe the decision is good for the economy of Great Britain, which contributes to the English language in the sector by 1.5 billion zł in foreign earnings each year."

Regulations in February, after the bombing attempt flying to the U.S. by Omar Farouk Abdul mutallab Nigeria, who was educated in Britain.

English UK, said that English language schools do not cause false students coming to Britain. Changes have already broken English Language School industry in the UK. We are still waiting for a full response from the UK Immigration to the ruling. It is possible that the government will try and impose limitations on again in the future.

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