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UK working Holiday visa Scheme is an arrangement where a person aged between 17 and 27 can come to the United Kingdom (UK) for an extended holiday for up to two years and may do part-time or casual work. Work must not be the main reason for your visit.In this category,  you can only stay in UK for 2 (two) years only as working holiday maker from the date you enter in the UK.You must need working holiday visa before you travel to UK.For more information about working holiday visa for Canadian,Malaysians,Australians,
South Africans,American you have to visit official site of UK working Holiday visa.
uk working holiday visa
You qualify as a working holidaymaker if:
  • You are a Commonwealth Citizen, British Dependent Territories Citizen or British Overseas Citizen
  • You want to come to the UK for an extended holiday and intend to take some incidental employment
  • You are Single or are Married to a person who also Qualifies as a working Holiday maker and you plan to take the working Holiday together
  • You do not have any dependent children who are aged five years or over, or who will be five before you complete your Holiday
  • Your Holiday is the main reason for your visit not work.
  • You can support and accommodate yourself without help from public funds
  • You do not have any Commitments which require a regular salary
  • You can pay for your onward journey
  • You plan to leave the UK at the end of your holiday
You can only do work incidental to a Holiday and cannot do work which represents the continuation of a career. You should not take up a Managerial position and cannot engage in Business or provide services as a Professional Sports person or Entertainer. This does not however rule out all Professional activity, it is acceptable to engage in work as, for example:
  1. Supply Teacher at a relatively junior level
  2. Agency Nurse
  3. Occupational therapist
  4. Physiotherapist
  5. Speech Therapist
  6. Radiographer
  7. Nanny
  8. Locum vet (but not locum hospital doctor, GP, solicitor or barrister)
You cannot take full-time work, even on a casual basis, for more than half your stay, even for the professions listed above, but you may engage in part-time work for more than half your stay provided that you have a holiday. For the purpose of working holidaymakers, full-time work is more than 25 hours a week.


Fresh Talent Scheme Scotland  is a Working Scheme and it is part of the Scottish Executive's Fresh Talent Initiative.The Fresh Talent working in a Scotland scheme launched on 22nd june 2005.  The Fresh Talent Initiative encourages people live and work in Scotland and also provides supporting efforts to retain indigenous people who wish to begin, or to further, their careers in Scotland.
fresh talent working in a Scotland scheme
The Scottish Executive and the Home Office both are working together to implement the Fresh Talent working in Scotland Scheme. This Scheme will enable non-EEA Nationals who have successfully completed an HND, degree course, Masters or PhD at a Scottish university and have lived in Scotland during their studies to apply to stay in Scotland for up to two years after completing their studies to seek and take work.


To be granted leave under the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme you must:
  • You have been awarded an HND, or a UK recognized Undergraduate Degree, Master's Degree or PhD by a Scottish institution of Higher or Further Education.
  • You have lived in Scotland for an appropriate period whilst studying for your HND, degree, Masters or PhD.
  • You have Intend to work in Scotland during the period of leave granted under the scheme.
  • You must able to maintain and accommodate yourself and any Dependants without recourse to public Funds.
  • You must Intend to leave the UK at the end of your stay, unless granted leave as a work permit holder, highly skilled migrant, business person or innovator.
  • Those who have completed a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma will also be Eligible for Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme.


For Canada work permit jobs every year over 90,000 Foreign workers enter Canada to help Canadian employers address temporary skill shortages. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) ensure according to their the parameters that these workers will support economic growth in the country and create more opportunities for all Canadian job seekers.The processing time for Canada work permit varies case to case.
canada work permit
In almost all cases you must have a valid work permit to work in Canada.

These steps must be followed before you apply for a work permit or Canada work visa:
  • An Employer must first offer you a job.
  • HRDC must normally provide a labor market opinion or 'confirmation' of your job offer. However, some types of work are exempt from this process.
  • After HRDC confirms that a Foreign National may fill the job, you apply to CIC for your work permit.
  • You cannot Immigrate with a work permit. If you want to come and live in Canada as a permanent Resident based on your work skills or experience,than find out  if you qualify for the Skilled Worker Program and apply in Skilled worker category for permanent residence.
Foreign workers like  may do some jobs in Canada without a permit. Temporary workers must also meet the requirements that apply to all Temporary residents in Canada to come to Canada.

Before a Foreign National may work in Canada, their employer must check with HRDC to confirm the job offer.Like many people from USA find Canada work visa for Americans. HRDC's role is to provide advice to CIC regarding the impact on the Canadian labor market that the entry of a Foreign Worker will have. One of the most common Categories for working temporarily in Canada is the Live-In Caregiver Program. A live-in caregiver is someone who provides care to children, the elderly or the disabled in a private household. After working two years as a live-in caregiver you can apply to be a Permanent resident in Canada.