Monday, August 30, 2010


A new study guide is substantially broadened citizenship has been launched recently on citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, Jason Kenney. Especially those who take citizenship test in March 2010 should consider the Guide citizenship.

Discover Canada: Rights and duties of citizenship to regain their freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law and equality of men and women. The Canadian government hopes that the guidelines will help promote a better understanding of Canadian history and values and the importance of institutions like Parliament. It is the first time the wizard has undergone such a check because it was introduced in 1995.
latest Canadian citizenship guide
Citizenship responsibility section of the guide:


"There is no conscription in Canada. But in the regular Canadian Forces (Navy, Army and Air Force) is a noble way to contribute to Canada and an excellent excellent career choice.


One of the fundamental principles of Canada is a constitutional state. Individuals and governments are governed by laws and not arbitrary. No person or group is above the law.


When asked to do so, you are legally bound to serve. Part of a jury is a privilege which carries legal system because it depends on impartial juries composed of citizens.


The right to vote comes with a responsibility to vote in federal, provincial or territorial and local.


Every citizen has a role to play in the prevention of waste and pollution while protecting natural, cultural and architectural heritage of Canada for future generations.


Millions of people volunteering their spare time to helping others without pay - to help people in need, helping your child's school, volunteering at a food bank or other charity, or encourage new arrivals to integrate. Volunteering is a great way to acquire useful skills and develop friends and contacts.

"People come from all over the world to apply for Canadian citizenship. It is much appreciated," said Minister Kenney. "We have people who want to become Canadians have a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities, and the values and institutions that are rooted in Canadian history. By increasing the guide, we increase the value of Canadian citizenship."

Before publishing the guide to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has sought the views of prominent Canadians, including public figures, writers and historians.

"Discover Canada should be in the hands of not only new Canadians, but each high school student in Canada," said Marc Chalifoux, executive vice president of the Dominion Institute Histo Rica. "All citizens who were born in Canada or not, need to understand how the institutions in this country came to be. This guide explains how."

Citizenship applicants due to a test or be interviewed by the end of February 2010 should read the old study guide, a look at Canada. The new guide should be used from March 2010.

Friday, August 27, 2010


The Canadian government recently announced that that temporary residents permit application working or wishing to extend their visit to Canada can now apply online.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, said:

"The expansion of our online services to more than temporary residents greatly facilitate the application process by providing faster, more accessible and efficient.
Canada temporary visa online applications
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has noted that submitted online should be complete. Postal applications, on the other side is not always complete and must be returned to add to processing times. All temporary residents may apply outside the program co-op work permit applicants.

CIC has online applications since June 2008 for international students to Canada. 33,000 were filed online off-campus work permit, to verify their eligibility to renew their study permit and extend visas for family members to care. CIC said that in future it will be possible for all types of requirements that should be done online.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There will be new, stricter requirements to get under the scheme for temporary workers in Canada from the first April 2011. Canadian work visas used by employers who are unable to find qualified employees locally and if it is necessary to employ foreign nationals on a temporary basis. Canadian Immigration, Jason Kenney, said:

"The government takes action to protect temporary foreign workers, including relatives, abuse and exploitation potential."
Canada temporary work visa requirements
"We owe them that their employers and all Canadians to ensure that the program is fair and equitable. After all, they are an important element in Canada's economic success."

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, has also had some comments to:

"These changes are an important step. Temporary foreign workers help the Canadian economy by meeting the needs of working in areas where Canadians or permanent residents are not readily available."

"Our government is taking steps to improve program integrity while ensuring that such persons must have the necessary protection."

Changes April 1, 2011 are as follows:
  • A limit on how long a foreign worker can stay on a temporary work permit in Canada.
  • Stricter requirements to show a job offer is genuine.
  • If the employer has not complied with the requirements agreed on wages, working conditions and occupations, there will be a two-year ban on employers recruit workers from abroad.
The Canadian government has also specifically mentioned in Caregiver Program in their report the latest news. This is a work visa, which is also used if there are no Canadians or permanent residents who can fill vacancies. After you arrive in Live-in Caregiver Program, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


On the basis of the law establishing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued visas by the Japanese government has issued only by embassies or consulates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Visa cannot be acquired after arrival in Japan.
A visa is an indication of the Judgment, that foreigners who wish to enter Japan should be adapted to enter and stay in Japan.
A visa itself does not guarantee landing (status of residence) permission. Please note that possession of a visa is only one condition for applying for landing at an airport or port.
Although there are some countries that allow visas based on a guarantee of landing permission, most countries that Japan has a system that requires permission from immigration officials and visa.
immigration to japan

Landing permit stamp in the passport of a foreigner by immigration officers at the airport or the port where he or she goes through immigration procedures. It was this landing permission, no visa, which provides the legal basis for staying abroad in Japan. A visa is a recommendation and does not guarantee automatic landing clearance.
When a foreigner wishing to enter Japan arrives at an airport or seaport in Japan, he or she must first ask the immigration officer on the landing clearance. An immigration officer to verify the validity of the passport of the foreigner, the existence of a visa, if appropriate, the validity of the visa, in order to enter Japan for the period of intended stay, and so on. landing permission is granted only if all conditions of the Law on Immigration Control, including those controlled by the immigration authorities are satisfied.
Piston landing permission states not only the date and port of entry but also residential status (often called the immigration status) from abroad, which determines the activities which the foreigner is permitted to Japan, and length of stay of his immigration status.
Front and allow the landing of validity is a prerequisite for all future applications for a regional immigration authority in Japan for a specific purpose, such as extending the concept of residence or change of residency status. This application must be filed in the immigration area closest to the applicant's residence in Japan.
When an immigration officer at port of call complete an examination for landing visa and the permission to land immediately becomes invalid (although multiple visas remain valid until their expiry date). After that, as explained above, the stamp of landing permission, which provides the legal basis for staying abroad in Japan.


In the future, if the citizenship of the United Kingdom and citizenship application was rejected and want to UKBA, to reconsider their decision, you must pay a fee of GBP100. Since April 6, 2010 British Government had the power to charge fees for considering an application refused for the citizenship of the United Kingdom or registration as a British citizen.
UK naturalization and citizenship application reconsideration fee
From 1 September 2010 the following changes will take place:
  • You pay a fee of GBP100 for review of British citizenship or refuse the application for citizenship.
  • If you do not pay GBP100 for a reassessment of your application for citizenship you renewed application will be considered void and will be returned.
  • If your request for review is accepted, the British government will tax GBP100. If your request is accepted GBP80 be held to pay for the citizenship ceremony (if applicable). The remaining £ 20 fees paid will be refunded.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Australian Government is holding a job expo in London on 11 and 12 September 2010 to correspond with Australian employers for skilled workers in the United Kingdom. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) said the following:

"Are you qualified in engineering, medical services, or trades? If so, Australia needs you. "

"There is still a critical need for skilled workers across a range of Australian industries. Australia Needs Skills Expo in London, targeting areas most in need of skilled workers, such as mining, health and construction. "

"The exhibition will host representatives from the major Australian employers and governments in all Australian states and territories. Participants will be able to find possible career paths Down Under.
Australia immigration requirements
The Australian Expo Program began in 2005. So far, there have been 23 exhibitions of work in Australia with eight in the United Kingdom. The main features of the Expo 2009 in employment were as follows:
  • 38 exhibitors, including Australian employers, government agencies and corporate relocation services.
  • More than 1,800 people with skills in demand in Australia have visited the Expo Australia.

Australian DIAC continued by saying the following:

"The last Expo was a great success for both industry representatives and participants: 90 percent of participants said they would recommend upcoming shows to friends, while 80 percent believe they could encountering a suitable promoter for migration to Australia following the expo. "

Demand is still good in Australia for skilled immigrants. Immigration to Australia based on employment is certainly worth considering.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Immigration in the United Kingdom announced a further review of the UK Level 4 student visa regime. It was the third increase in the number of students in the twelve months of March 2010:

• For the period to March 2009, there were 235,295 student visas and 24,780 dependents.
• For the period to March 2010, there were 313,011 student visas and 31,385 dependents. This represents
an increase of 75,000 over the previous year.

Immigration Minister Damian Green had the following to say:

"We are committed to attracting the brightest and the best in the UK, and welcome legitimate students coming here to study. However, in the past, there have been significant abuse of pupils' careers, and we must ensure that every student who comes to the UK is authentic.
UK student tier 4 visa review
"I am therefore conduct a comprehensive assessment system for students in the weeks and months ahead and I will introduce new measures to curb abuses and further tighten the system."

The current coalition government and the previous Labor government had feared that the British system of student visas has been used in some cases by students who are not genuine students. Because of these concerns that the level 4 student visas have been suspended for students from Pakistan and Nepal for a time earlier this year.

It seems very likely that following the review, there will be changes in the future making it more difficult to come under the visa regime Level 4 students. If you want to come to the United Kingdom with a student visa at level 4, you should consider applying as soon


If you are a citizen of the U.S. under visa waiver scheme than you must pay a fee of $14 from September 8, 2010 within the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Since January 2009, everyone entering the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program must apply to ESTA. So far there are no fees for which, according to ESTA.

ESTA takes up to 72 hours (3 days) to process and is valid for up to two years. It is therefore necessary to ensure that sufficient time for processing their applications. If you plan to visit the United States over the next two years and is a citizen of the country visa-free travel should be considered now and avoid the new charges.
us visa waiver fees
VWP is a relatively simple option if you want to visit the United States ninety days for business or pleasure. It is much easier to obtain than a full visa application to visit the local U.S. embassy or consulate.

The new $ 14 fee will be used for the following purposes:

• $ 10 for the promotion of travel within the Travel Promotion Act (TPA)
• $ 4 to cover the costs of administering the ESTA.

One could argue that if there were no charges or if the payment was less to do more to promote tourism. Please note that it is less than a month before new charges ESTA is introduced.