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Immigration Minister Damian Green said that immigration levels of students under the student visa at level 4 were "unsustainable." There have been rumors that the popular Tier 1 post study work visa that allows graduate students to stay in England for two years to work and possibly earn a longer term highly qualified Tier 1 or Tier 2 Visa General Visa General will be deleted.

The immigration minister has suggested that the United Kingdom is not to attract the best students, only half the students are attending courses at university level. British Home Office research suggests that one fifth of pupils are still in the UK after five years.
tier 4 visa irregularities
Immigration Minister Green has stated:

"We can not assume that everyone coming here has the skills of the workforce in the UK can not offer."

"We need to strengthen regulation so that all students benefit from us"

On a positive note to the Minister of Immigration stated that:

"I do not want to interfere with the success stories of our universities."

It is likely that there will be a reform of the UK student visa and a limit on the number of student visas Level 4, published in the future. The British government said that two-fifths of students in the group British Home Office sample remain in the UK after five years. Work visas such as the Tier 1 visa to study at the workplace, the highly skilled Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa General General visa will also be discussed. According to the Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom immigration increased in 2009 from 33,000 to 196,000.

Immigration Minister Green has said that the coalition government took over an immigration system of the former Labor government that was "largely out of control":

"What these numbers tell me is that we also need to look any other way [outside employment] by which people come to this country, perhaps for education, for reasons of family reunification and, in particular roads that lead to permanent settlement, "

Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union stated that:

"The populist policies on immigration could play well nationally, but globally, we risk looking foolish.

"Damian Green made his remarks today after returning from a trip to India where he encouraged students to come to the United Kingdom."

If you want to enter the student visa at level 4 or stay at a post study work, you should consider applying as soon as possible. It seems likely that there will be limits on student visas Level 4 in the future and it is very possible if not probable that the visa of Tier 1 post study work will be removed.


Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, is currently visiting several countries in the world. Immigration Minister Kenney will travel to Paris, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hong Kong, Beijing and Manila. The immigration minister is trying to reduce immigration fraud; There were concerns about marriages of convenience and crooked immigration consultants.

In Paris, the Minister of Immigration of Canada will meet with various European ministers, including the French Minister of Immigration on illegal immigration, border security, human trafficking and smuggling, and resettlement refugees.
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Keeney Immigration Minister during his visit to Chandigarh, India, will discuss progress on initiatives against fraud since its previous meeting in January 2009 with the chief minister of Punjab. The immigration minister had stated that

"In 2009, our mission Chandigarh was seeing a large volume of fraudulent documents submitted as part of immigration applications, including marriage licenses, false, false death certificates, fake university admission letters, photos Wedding false, false bank statements, visa stubs fake, fake newspaper articles, and fake letters of recommendation from members of Parliament. "

"At the time, officials in Punjab said they shared my concern about this illegal and pledged to crack down against consultants wrong. Since then, there have been media reports of a number of arrests in Punjab immigration consultants wrong. I am eager to discuss progress to date and our continued cooperation on this issue. "

On a positive note, the immigration minister Kenney will also give a lecture in Punjab on the significant increase in approval rate for temporary resident visas and the volume of applications since 2005. The immigration minister in his visits to New Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing and Manila will also examine the effects of skilled immigration has increased in Canada.

There will also be a joint announcement with the Government of Manitoba and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges in Beijing and an announcement regarding foreign students.

Immigration Minister Kenney during her visit to the Philippines will explain the new laws for caregivers. Many caregivers are from the Philippines, more and more immigrants to Canada come from the Philippines.

It recent years it has become harder to win overall immigration to Canada. If you on the list of occupation or to find suitable employment, it is still possible to emigrate to Canada. Canada remains one of the most popular immigration destination countries in the world.


According to an article in the Irish Times, open immigration system of Ireland with its relativity is more successful in attracting foreign researchers than other countries of the European Union.

Conor O'Carroll, research director for the Irish Association of Universities, said about 35 percent of doctoral students and 38 percent of researchers from major universities in Ireland are foreign. About half of them are from outside the EU, mainly from India, China and the United States.
Ireland research jobs
"Recent study data showed that the Irish universities is the quality of institutions and research that is attracting students and researchers here," says O'Carroll.

Immigrating to the EU in general is relatively easy for scientists, because of accelerated immigration program adopted by member countries and the establishment of a European-wide network of support to researchers from third countries. However, mobility within the EU is still a problem. Every country in the European Union has its own immigration system. In comparison, the United States is a country has an immigration system, and has the largest economy in the world.

Irish visa
"The international mobility has become a cornerstone of EU policy," O'Carroll wrote, probably referring to the Blue Card initiative, a plan to make immigration easier and more unified than 27 member countries for non-EU citizens. The blue card, which has some similarities to the regime of the U.S. green card, would allow third country nationals and their families to live and work in the EU highly skilled and work that will allow them to move between Member States.

O'Carroll believes that Europe's aspirations to become a hallmark of scientific research depends on how it compares to the U.S., which is considered the leader in scientific research.

UK Student Visas level 4 quickly transformed into Croydon from September 1, 2010

The team from the United Kingdom PEO in Croydon announced that "a significant number of appointment slots Tier 4" is available from on September 1st 2010 for legal representatives. This means that it is possible for any legal representative to represent you if you need a student visa fast level 4 UK.If use this service, you and any dependents are required to accompany U.S. Public Information Office (PEO) in Croydon. PEO need to get your biometrics.

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According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), about 31,000 H-1B visas are still available for 2011. During the boom years there was always a shortage of H-1B visas and it was very difficult for companies to obtain the visa for their foreign employees.
The U.S. economy has still not fully recovered from the economic recession and therefore the demand for H-1B petitions remain low, which offers a good opportunity for companies that have had difficulty obtaining visas H- 1B in the past to get them now. In 2006, all H-1B visas available have been removed in a single day.
The H-1B visa is primarily for workers with a bachelor's degree or more (and fashion models) who intend to work for a U.S. employer in specialized work at the university level. H-1B workers can live and work in the United States for a maximum period of three years, which may be extended up to six years. If you qualify for another visa category, you may be able to stay longer.
h1b visa 2011
The normal ceiling on H-1B visa petitions is 65,000 per fiscal year with an additional 20,000 available per year under the H-1B Master's exemption, allowing the 20,000 initial requests for applicants with a master's degree or higher to be exempt from the cap.

Below is a table showing the availability of H-1B visas from August 20, 2010:

Type Cap               Cap Limit              Petitions Received
Normal H-1B          cap 65,000                  33,900
H-1B Exemption     Masters 20 000            12 600