Thursday, November 4, 2010


Australian Universities noticed that the number students from China applying for student visas to study at Australian universities has been dramatically declined in the following summer. This could be due to changes in Australian skilled immigration policy.

A 40 percent of decline has been noticed of Chinese student visa, applying to Australian universities for the next summer session. Further Education and Technical Colleges have seen a decline of 80 percent in Chinese student visa applications.
china student visa for Australian universities
The sharp decline in student applications could cause a crisis in Australia's education industry as Chinese students represent approximately $6 billion in revenue. Chinese students make up an estimated 27 percent of Australia's foreign student population.

The decline in Chinese students is blamed on current changes to Australian immigration law. The Australian government reduced 50 percent Skilled worker occupations on 01 July 2010, which are eligible under its popular General Skilled Migration programme.

The Australian skilled occupation list while much declined since 1 July 2010 has far more occupations on it than the Canadian occupation list. The Australian skilled occupation list has 181 occupations compared to 29 occupations under the Canadian Skilled worker programme.

United States,Canada and many other Countries are trying to attract international students as well. Australia needs to work hard to continue to attract students from China and around the World.


UK Immigration is focusing to reduce the overall levels of immigration into the UK. Recently the UK Immigration Minister Damian Green has expressed their concerns about the number of students on student visas in the UK.

It seems quite likely that in future it will either become more difficult to come under the Tier 1 Post Study Work visa or it will end altogether. This simply means that far fewer people on Tier 4 student visas will be able to stay in the UK in the longer term.
UK tier 1 post study work visa may finish
The Tier 1 PSW visa was launched by the previous Labour Government for students to remain in the UK, work and possibly qualify in future for longer term visas such as the Highly Skilled Tier 1 (General) visa or Tier 2 work visa. The Tier 1 General visa main requirement is recent work experience. Students who have studied in the UK for some years on a degree are unlikely to be able to qualify for the Tier 1 General visa unless they have the opportunity to gain additional work experience under Tier 1 Post work visa ,It is more difficult to come under Tier 2 General because of the UK immigration quota and other changes.

It is not Confirm when will changes occur to the Tier 1 post study work visa. If you wish to come under Tier 1 Post Work Visa you should consider applying soon. You may not be able to apply in future.


UK Immigration Minister Damian Green has recently spoken to the Royal Commonwealth Society in London on immigration. Immigration minister said that the government wants to "maximize" benefits of immigration.He also said that the UK has benefited from immigration, but "just continue to do so, if it is properly controlled."

"This means that an unsustainable net migration in recent years has reduced.

UK immigration has recently done research on immigration in the UK and has released a new report on immigration called "The Journey of immigrants." The report focuses on immigration, what happened to immigrants who came to the UK in 2004. According to immigration,UK's largest group of immigrants was 186 000 students from a student visa. Immigration minister, has said that over twenty per cent of immigrants were still in the UK even five years later.

"We need to understand more clearly why a large proportion of students are still here, more than 5 years after their arrival. And we also need a system that can monitor and if necessary, take action against them, the existence of which in the long term with little or no economic benefit."

Immigration Minister Damian Green also said that at some Tier 1 route are not doing specialized jobs.

"I was also amazed by some of the individual applications, I noticed that Tier 2 class of skilled workers, running the restaurants and home workers on the production line in low wages £ 20,000 s. These are not those jobs we're talking about when we think about the use of skilled migrants who have skills not available to its own staff or unemployed !!!

"We will not make Britain prosperous in the long term by telling our own workers "don't bother to learn new skills, we can bring them all in from overseas".'
UK minister talks about UK immigration policy
Immigration Minister of UK has also defended a controversial annual limit on immigration.

"We desperately need a sustainable increase in immigration. This will reduce pressure on public services, and to stop immigration is a sensitive political issue.

"At the same time we must be confident enough to say Britain, open companies and research for those who make this country better and more open society."

Immigration to the United Kingdom has made great economic benefits to the economy. Many have commented that the recent changes in immigration are more difficult and expensive in the United Kingdom resulted in long-term damage to the economy. It seems that the changes in the future, it is even harder to get a visa to the United Kingdom. If you are interested in immigration in Britain, you should seriously consider the application now.