Sunday, December 19, 2010

Canada Immigrant Facing Delays in Citizenship

Canada Immigrants are waiting from 15 to 19 months to have their Canadian citizenship applications accepted due to a huge backlog of applications.

In 2009, Modification in the Immigration Act intended that many people were entitled for citizenship, leading to a raise in citizenship applications.
Canada Immigrants facing delays in citizenship
"Truly it's just a matter of adequate resources to process all the applications we receive," said Citizenship and Immigration Canada operations manager Paul Snow in a meeting with CBS News.

"Citizenship and Immigration as a department has a set amount of resources and we're facing increasing applications in all of our program areas," he added.
Canada immigrants citizenship problem
Immigration and Naturalization fees are an important source of funding for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Many nationality applicants are unhappy with the processing delays. This could put off prospective migrants in future.

"I don't think this is a good way of welcoming our fellow Canadian citizens-to-be, considering the fact that they pay all kinds of taxes," said Edward Chung, president of the Korean Association of Prince Edward Island.

"One particular member of my association, it took her two years and I find this to be extremely long," he added.

This year Canada has been struggling with an increasing backlog of immigration Applications. One reason for this is because Canada has become more and more popular with skilled workers wishing to live and work abroad.

To obtain Canadian citizenship, an applicant must have been a permanent resident for at least two years and have lived in Canada at least three of the four years preceding an application. In addition, applicants, amongst other requirements, must be able to show knowledge of English and/or French.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


There have been suggested that in prospect may result in adult dependents of skilled workers under say the Tier 1 visa and Tier 2 visa system being unable to apply for indefinite leave to remain. In many cases dependents above the age of 18 can submit an application for indefinite leave to remain at the similar time as their parents. In future children of Tier 1 visa and Tier 2 visa holders may have to appear under different visa category to be capable to reside in the UK; They may, for e.g. , be capable to stay as Tier 4 students or attempt and appear under the Tier 1 visa or Tier 2 visa system themselves. As it has turned into more complicated to come under the Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa scheme. Most children of skilled workers will get it hard if not possible to remain in the UK. If the Tier 1 after studies work scheme is also eliminated in future this will create it even more complicated for dependents over 18 years of old to stay in the UK.
UK skilled Workers dependent
UK skilled worker dependent new policy
It is uncertain when the upcoming requirements will come in. These suggestions still have to be discussed by Parliament. If you are worried that your family may not meet the criteria for indefinite leave to remain in future you should acutely think about applying without delay and expectantly neglect harder immigration criteria’s for indefinite leave to remain in future.


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) declared they will increase fees for most US immigration services. Only the naturalization fee will remain same. The raise is an effort to close the $200 million deficit for fiscal year 2010-11.

Mainly fees are probable to rise by an average of about 10 percent. In few cases, fees will in fact drop and fee waivers will be extended to number of "fresh categories". The increase in fees will go into effect on 23 November, 2010
us immigration fees increase
USCIS's resources depend closely on income resulting from fees for the services that the organization offers. Applications and petitions fees accounted for around 90 percent of its $2.4 billion yearly budget.

The fee raise is already facing condemnation. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) declared that they are "disappointed" with the fee raise and feel that USCIS is overreaching themselves in their effort to remedy their budgetary woes.
new us immigration fees
"Most of the government expenditures being underwritten by these fees are not related to the services for which fees are being paid. These are issues of public advantage, and should be finance by appropriations, not applicants," said AILA President Bernard Wolfsdorf.

"Whereas a 10 percent fee rise in and of itself may not seem high, this comes only 3 years after a 66 percent USCIS fee raise. Taken collectively, these raise bring a number of fees to extreme levels," Wolfsdorf added.

Wolfsdorf affirmed that, actually, earlier fee raise have resulted in a noticeable decline in the excellence and effectiveness of USCIS services.

USCIS received a huge entry of applications and petitions leading up to the earlier 66 percent fee raise, which resulted in huge backlogs, forces USCIS to look for assistance from external contractors to help contract with the workload.

AILA did say that there was single silver lining to the fee raise: fees for citizenship applications would not increase. Fees for citizenship raised by 70 percent in 2007, which immigrant-rights groups complained place citizenship out of reach of poorer immigrants.

Below is a table detailing the new US immigration fees changes:

Form No.DescriptionExisting Fees (effective through Nov. 22, 2010Adjusted Fees (effective beginning Nov. 23, 2010)
I-90Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card$290$365
I-102Application for Replacement/Initial Non immigrant Arrival-Departure Document$320$330
I-129/129CWPetition for a Non immigrant Worker$320$325
I-129FPetition for Alien Fiance(e)$455$340
I-130Petition for Alien Relative$355$420
I-131Application for Travel Document$305$360
I-140Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker$475$580
I-191Application for Advance Permission to Return to Relinquished Domicile$545$585
I-192Application for Advance Permission to Enter as Non immigrant$545$585
I-193Application for Waiver of Passport and/or Visa$545$585
I-212Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the U.S. after Deportation or Removal$545$585
I-290BNotice of Appeal or Motion$585$630
I-360Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant$375$405
I-485Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status$930$985
I-526Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur$1,435$1,500
I-539Application to Extend/Change Non immigrant Status$300$290
I-600/600A I-800/800APetition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative/Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition$670$720
I-601Application for Waiver of Ground of Excludability$545$585
I-612Application for Waiver of the Foreign Residence Requirement$545$585
I-687Application for Status as a Temporary Resident under Sections 245A or 210 of the Immigration and Nationality Act$710$1,130
I-690Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility$185$200
I-694Notice of Appeal of Decision under Sections 245A or 210 of the Immigration and Nationality Act$545$755
I-698Application to Adjust Status from Temporary to Permanent Resident (Under Section 245A of Public Law 99-603)$1,370$1,020
I-751Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence$465$505
I-765Application for Employment Authorization$340$380
I-817Application for Family Unity Benefits$440$435
I-824Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition$340$405
I-829Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions$2,850$3,750
I-881Application for Suspension of Deportation or Special Rule Cancellation of Removal (Pursuant to Section 203 of Public Law 105–110)$285$285
I-907Request for Premium Processing Service$1,000$1,225
Civil Surgeon Designation$0$615
I-924Application for Regional Center under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program$0$6,230
N-300Application to File Declaration of Intention$235$250
N-336Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings$605$650
N-400Application for Naturalization$595$595
N-470Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization Purposes$305$330
N-565Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document$380$345
N-600/600KApplication for Certification of Citizenship/ Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate under Section 322$460$600
Immigrant Visa DHS Domestic Processing$0$165
BiometricsCapturing, Processing, and Storing Biometric Information$80$85


A latest website in 11 different languages makes it simple for Canadian immigrants to locate community service information.

The 'In my language', build up by the Ontario Council of Agencies helping Immigrants (OCASI), which represents over 200 settlement agencies in Ontario offers an electronic library of interpreted content which will help newcomers in settlement of life in Canada.
Canada immigration news
Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism said that, “In my language” website is an outstanding resource for newcomers to Ontario.

The website has received resources of $1.4 million from the Government of Canada.

"Newcomers now have a website where they know how to get the information they require in the language of their preference," he added.
"This multilingual website will provide newcomers to Ontario a head start on using information on housing, legal advice, health care, language training, and community services across the province," said MP Paul Calandra.

The website has resources in the following languages: English, French, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Gujrati, Tamil, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Russian.

"Guiding newcomers get settled is the key to their success," said MP Bob Dechert. "Settlement guidance needs to be reachable, and this scheme is a important step in satisfying that aim."
Besides immigrants, other users of the website contain school-boards, police services, community organizations, and the health-care industry. The new website has multilingual information on housing, health-care, employment, schooling and other important topics.

Government financial support to the latest website was made possible through the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA), which was signed in 2005. According to this agreement, the Government of Canada is spending $428 million in Ontario for settlement services for immigrants.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Danish Immigration Service has altered the duration of time that a Green Card can be issued from the earlier three-years to 18 months.
Denmark green card visa Processing time
An individual live and work in Denmark under a Green Card residence permit can apply for an extension of up to two and a half years earlier than the ending of the first 18-month period. A follow up extension can be approved for up to four years.
Denmark green card processing time
The Danish Green Card is a point’s based scheme that scores applicants on criteria such as age, European education, and work experience. Denmark expects that these selection criteria will magnetize immigrants who are wanted by the Danish economy.
Denmark green card benefit
Language skills are also essential. Applicants are scored on their expertise to speak Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German.

A Finance Bill for 2011 has expected a possible increase in fees for Green Card applications. If this assessment is adopted, the latest fee will raise from Rs. 8650 to Rs. 50,000 on 01 January 2010.
Denmark green card assessment
In the previous few years it has become harder to achieve immigration to other Countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia. Public have ever more been bearing in mind immigration to Denmark as an option.