Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Get Green Card through Marriage

Obtaining a green card through marriage is a multi-step process that sometimes takes years to achieve and requires many forms can be filed. Knowing some of the basics and some compromises may help to determine the best route to take to achieve this goal.

If you enter in the United States with K-1 fiance visa or K-3 visa, the process will probably take a number of years, and if you want to go through a lawyer, can lead to fees and forms. If an attorney has been consulted, it is advisable to do so before this type of visa.

Most direct route to permanent residency and citizenship is obtained, if the marriage takes place in the United States, and all the paperwork is done in this country.The foreign born of foreign origin shall submit all the papers and do not leave the country until the adjustment mode.
Get Green card through Marriage
 Application process for Green Card

There are many forms to be filled to get a green card through marriage. These include an application for a visa, proof of U.S. citizenship spouse, marriage certificate and proof of termination of all prior marriages. All of these documents are duly certified and translated into English. In addition, the application control station must be made, an application for a work permit, and the demand for advance parole to travel, if the spouse is entitled to enter in USA. The fees of filling forms are currently operate more than one thousand dollars. There must be an affidavit to support filed on behalf of foreign-born spouses.

Once the initial application has been filed, it is called fingerprints. After few months will probably pass until the interview held by both spouses. During the interview, it is important to be honest. No information should be voluntary. Please answer the questions as they are shown. Do not ever guess. It is better to admit honestly that we do not know the answer. Always wear suitable clothing for an interview and to pay tribute to the interviewer.
How to green card through marriage

Interview for Green Card

Interviewer looking for differences in race, religion, or age factors may indicate fraudulent petition. If there is legitimate distinction; be prepared to explain in the interview. If a woman is much older than the husband, this is especially of concern identified. It can be annoying, but it is legal to the interviewer to focus on these details.

If the abnormality is suspected in the first interview, a second interview is arranged separately. In this case, if the answers do not match, the applicant may be subject to criminal sanctions and forced to admit under false pretenses.

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  1. Yes its easy to tell the truth and successfully finish interview.Petition Form I-130 must be filed with correct support documents.Being well prepared makes the job easier, helps in finishing the process smoothly and quickly.