Wednesday, March 7, 2012

K1 Visa Denial Reasons

What is reason of K1 visa refusal?  What mistakes I have done?  What are ways to solve my case? Similarly like that there are man other questions coming in mind when you got your K1 denial letter. It is nearly impractical to clarify all the causes why an applicant may be refused for K1 visa. Here I am going to explain some common reasons why K1 visa refused.

The first reason is unfinished information in the application and fail to finish and correction of the missing documents. It's difficult to accept, but this is the most common reason of denial of application. What many couples do not understand is that they have just a limited period of time to get the information requisite by USCIS. Now, for persons who precede their case self, they are directly acknowledged and have a way to respond, but for those who employ a lawyer, this application may proceed through the lawyers’ office for months without someone opening the letter to address concerns USCIS. When this occurs, the time to reply ends and the application is refused.
K1 visa denied

The second major reason is not being ready for the interview. If your becoming life partner is not ready for the interview, they can visa can easily be denied. The important thing for the preparation of interview dressing which should be business casual, accurate paperwork and prepare your mind to talk about relationships which is very important for visa approval. 

The third way that is difficult to prove is mannerism. Now you might not believe me on this one, but based on a number of stories I have heard there is a tangible proof that this is one is true. Let me walk you through the scenario. You will understand it if I say that in story form.

You and your prospective spouse supplied all the documentation correct, you replied all questions. You have granted the application in hand and you have the granted embassy letter. Your fiancĂ© / fiancĂ©e has all the requisite documentation to the interview, but one thing is missing that is Coaching of interview for interview preparation. 
K1 visa denial
There are some countries where manners and behavior are quite obviously in the eyes of an American. In this country and the environment, it can be accepted as everyday life, but an embassy in the United States where officers are U.S. citizens (Americans), this kind of manners and behavior can be a big strike interview against the bridegroom / bride. This is even more apparent if the agent is having a bad day. It is very important to your fiance / fiancee to realize that they should be polite, well-mannered and pleasing to the agent. This coaching should be part of a daily work out. This immigrant officer holds your prospect in his or her hands. They can exactly make up any defense to reject you. Do not offer them more explanation to refuse your fiance / fiancee other than lack of proof of the relationship or insufficient documentation. Something as simple as coaching your boyfriend / girlfriend can do much to the success of the interview.

Prepare your fiance / fiancee on daily basis that how to make up their mind and behavior during the visa interview.