Saturday, April 14, 2012

Immigration to Mexico

All those citizens who reside in Mexico get living permit and this living permit also recognized as FM-3. If anyone needs to acquire permanent resident permit then it is recognized as FM-2. Many citizens desire to achieve immigration in Mexico for a range of skilled causes. If we speak about trendy and well-known places in Mexico then businessmen, scientist and technicians are the type prefers to immigrate in Mexico. Currently we will talk about diverse immigration policies and rules for diverse classes of public like visitors, permanent and non-permanent residence. Each group of individual has diverse rules for migration in Mexico.

At first, we will talk about rules and policies for visitor’s immigration in Mexico. If visitors desire to immigrate in Mexico then visitor will acquire unique migration document acknowledged as FMT. This migration document will permit the visitors to come into in Mexico for approximately 180 days. The cost for FMT migration document is approximately $ 25. Secondly, if an individual needs to achieve immigration in Mexico for the non permanent residence then individual should makes sure about main policies and rules.
Immigration to Mexico
According to the requirement of non-permanent residence, individual will acquire the particular immigration paper acknowledged as FM3. This immigration papers should be renewed each year. If individual needs to submit an application for FM3 then individual should show essential documents to Mexican embassy such as immigration process application, copy of candidate passport, evidence of fee and copy of the FMT card.

In case of talk about immigration in Mexico then we should reveal or talk about migration rules and policies for permanent residence. If an individual desires to acquire permanent residence in Mexico, then individual should obtain FM3 visa. The application procedure for obtaining FM3 is similar as FM2 application procedure. Similar to FM2 migration document, FM3 should be renewed annually.   
Immigration in Mexico
The FM2, immigration in Mexico is similar to the green card of United States of America. Furthermore, for performing immigration in Mexico, individual should remain in brain this immigration procedure usually requires one month. For fast and without problems immigration, individual need to appoint good and experienced immigration legal representative. By appointing good immigration lawyer, individual will finish his/her immigration progression simply and fast.

At last, once clearing up main information and necessities for immigration in Mexico we can state that these times a lot of individual needs to migrate Mexico due to a range of occupation and business openings but for the procedure of immigration individual should be familiar with its main policies and rules. Each state has its own migration regulations and rules and prior to performing immigration it is extremely essential for each individual to gather key and essential information.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

US Diversity Visa Lottery Information

Even though a lot of citizens are alert of the diversity lottery program, although if you are not alert of this program, then I will let you be familiar with that, this program is very thrilling for people who expect to come into and to reside permanently in the United States. The U.S. Congress begins this program in 1990, assigning green cards to citizens from nations that do not have great records of migrant residing in the United States.

The U.S. Congress is encouraging this program simply due to desire to generate diversity between citizens from all over the globe for a possibility to reside permanently in the United States. Only citizens from definite nations to take part in this program that are resident to the party or the state of prerequisite and selection procedure are random by the computer.
us dv lottery

This program is mostly reliant on the lottery and if you be familiar with the lottery then you Well know that all lotteries depend on chance, expectation and destiny, so the diversity lottery is similar as different lotteries where you can have the opportunity to attempt your destiny to get a permit for permanent and legal residence in the United States. The selection completes every year and millions of citizens contribute in chance and expect to succeed or get a green card. I trust the lottery is suggested for persons looking for to reside and job lawfully in the United States, however prior to applying green card, you have to be clear on definite regulations and rules as you are born in the state who is capable lottery program for this year.
us dv lottery winners

The submission procedure for this lottery online is very easy just complete the form obtainable on the official website and make certain that you meet and follow the direction of proficient visa so that you will not be ineligible only due to mistakes in the application. So if you are ready to take part in that case do not make errors similar to this. Every time you apply, you will be given the id and genuine with this identifier, you can check your status of visa application or if you are fortunate even in the bunch of people who acquire the green card, you will be informed by e-mail or telephone calls.

Last but not the least, I want to say that this is the best and attractive opportunity to all of you, proposed by US Government to make your future better and wonderful, live and work permanently  in  the United States.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

K1 Fiancee Visa

K1 fiancée visa holders are eligible to marry with a US citizen in the United States. The United States citizen require to submit Petition for Alien Fiancé (e) Form I-129F petition in USCIS office working in the locality on behalf of the foreign fiancée. 

The K-1 Visa issued by the American Embassy or consulate in the country of fiancée, if the petition approved. Through US immigration port-of-entry fiancée enter in the United States, Once the he / she receives the visa. Within 90 days of entry, the marriage must take place.
K1 Fiancee Visa

After marriage to in order lawful permanent and to register permanent residence or change status with the USCIS, you must file Form I-485 Application along with the Affidavit support of American spouse. The unmarried below 18 Children of the fiancée could also go together with him/her to the States by a derivative K-2 Visa, given the names of the children have been stated in the I-129F petition filed by the American spouse with the USCIS. The unmarried children below 18 have to submit Form I-485 Application for Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status after the marriage of parent.

After entering in the USA, if individual fails to marriage with foreign fiancé within 90 days than he / she has to return home country. Once individual left the country, he / she cannot re-enter in USA on the same visa. In order to return to the US, the foreign fiancée should apply with the Form I-131 Application for Travel Document in turn to secure an advance parole to return to the US.
K1 Visa

With the terms for a K1 fiancée visa, it is currently easier to get married with a US citizen. Political barriers are crashed and love ahead of boundaries becomes a truth.I hope above mentioned information will help you to understand K1 visa eligibility and benefits of K1 visa.So, take your love ones to your home and live a lovely life. Wish you good luck !.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

H-1B Visa Documents and Requirements

There are so many people around the whole world who want to immigrant and live in United States. Getting Employment in USA is dream of a lot of persons. For all these persons, the most general requirement is    H-1B visa that covers different working fields, ranges from health, engineering, architecture and medicines. 

This visa is supported by US Company to foreign citizens for lawfully working in the country for almost 6 years. It allows partner and dependent children to go together with the person. H-1B visas are ‘dual intent' visas, i.e., it allows its holders to submit an application for a Green Card, which signify lawful permanent residency in US.

H1B visas owner can renew their duration of visa to more than 6 years, under AC21 rules. This visa also allows its holders to purchase or sell assets in USA.  
H1B visa
An Individual who submits an application for this visa requires having 4 years college degree or higher education qualification or the same work experience of twelve years. Or combination of both, additional education with six years of job experience. Additionally to the qualification and experience, an individual who submit an application for H-1B visa should have offer letter from company in US, valid passport, photograph, a letter from existing employer, sanction notice (form 1797), six month bank statement, resume, model company project documents, company verification letter, etc.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS checked the required submitted documents alongwith the application form. US employer gets the notification of approval from USCIS, if all requisite criteria are met. An individual can get H1 Visa from US consulate with the help of this approval notice. USCIS send a written notification to concern employer in case of rejection of application.
h1b visa requirements

If an H1-B visa holder desire to shift to a different employer than submit transfer petition to USCIS to transfer their visa. H1-B holder can submit unlimited no of transfer petitions to USCIS. The documents requires for transfer petitions  for H1-B approval are updated resume, passport copies, pay slips of last 3 months, I-94 record copies, photocopy of social security card, photocopy of diploma or degrees and copy of current valid visa.

An applicant should have all above mentioned required documents, if he / she wants to work with US Company.