Sunday, August 26, 2012

Get US Green Card through investment

Different peoples have various reasons for getting immigration to the United States. United States is a dream country for almost many foreigners because getting Green or permanent residency in United States is not an easy task.

There are many ways that a foreign national may obtain United States immigration. The first way is to get sponsorship on behalf relative; the second way is get a full time job in US so that you sponsored by your employer who is offering you a job. The best way to US immigration or permanent residency is through investment in the US business venture to contribute in US economy. If you fulfill the criteria of investment in US, you may become Green Card holder of US. Those foreign investors who are capable for creating full time jobs in US are eligible for an EB-5 visa.

For getting permanent residency of United states and become eligible for EB-5 visa, investor need to fulfill the requirements. According to requirement to become eligible foreign investor one must have to invest minimum $500,000 in commercial enterprise for creating around 10 full time jobs in United States.
usa investment visa

Either you start your own business or purchase any running business having less financial resources. Your investment in either in your own business or existing business you must retain minimum no of employees in your business approximately two years.

Moreover, the investment must make in the field particularly having high unemployment rate. It is also compulsory to ascertain that you had achieved the funds through legal source.

Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur Form I-526 along with necessary evident documents to prove eligibility for making investment in a US business venture, must file for getting immigration in the United States through investment.
usa investment visa

After successful submission of your EB-5 visa application and fortunate approval of Visa, two years valid conditional Green Card may be granted. If you living outside the United States and invested in US immigrant visa must be apply for entering into the United States legally.

You have to not be unsuccessful to file a request to eliminate conditions on your conditional status, at the ending of the two year time. A Green Card valid up to 10 years may be granted, if your request to remove conditions is granted. Through satisfying certain citizenship criteria of US, you may also become US Citizen by applying for naturalization.