Sunday, October 7, 2012

Types of K Visas

The K visa is not an immigrant visa, but what is known as a "lawful intent" visa. A U.S. citizen may apply to bring a fiance, his children or spouse alien in the United States to live. The "intention lawful" refers mainly abroad to take further steps to obtain legal residency in the United States. There are four different types of visa on K fiances and children. This post will give an overview of each visa K.

K-1 Visa

This visa permits foreign nationals who hold American Citizenship presently living in another country the right to live in the United States. The law offers for the couple to get married within 90 days of the entrance. Once married, the foreigner may modify its class to grow to be a green card holder. The K visa is a non-immigration visa; immigration logic is not an essential element of the acceptance of visa. However, the foreigner may follow permanent residency after getting their green card.

While more than 95% of Americans applying for a K-1 visa for a fiance are granted, there are restrictions that apply. For example, both must be legally allowed to marry in the state where they are living. This could relate to being of legal age, already married to another partner, or be of the same sex. The applicant's criminal record U.S. is taken into account, as well as how the alien will financially support his or herself once in America, so they do not become a dependent of the state.
k visa for spouse
For years, the visa was examined closely by the United States naturalization and immigration services to try to prevent U.S. citizens from entering fraudulent marriages with foreign nationals as a means to obtain citizenship without actually intend to be in a romantic union. The agency has also tried to limit the mail "love" unions often lead to expectations unrecognized by both spouses.

K-2 Visa

If a foreign national who has obtained a K-1 visa has single children below the age of 21, they are eligible for K-2 Visa. This allows the child the ability to live in the United States, seeking employment, study in the United States and apply for permanent residence after the mother and marry the U.S. citizen.

K-3 Visa

For foreign nationals residing in other states who are already wedded to U.S. citizens, the K-3 visa permits them to reside in the United States as they search for their immigrant visa. When using this visa, the foreigner may search for employment, to study in the United States, and to tour outside the state for small trips and then enter again.
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K-4 Visa

The K-4 Visa is similar to the K-2 Visa. This visa allows unmarried children less than 21 years of K-3 Visa holder the right to live in the United States pending the approval of an immigrant visa. Visa holders K-4 may look for job, study in the United States and also make little tours outside the country and re-enter.