Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Overstay in UK Student Visa, Travel Visa or Visit Visa

You have entered in U.K with student visa, travel visa or visit visa in temporary visa category and whatever the reason you overstayed in U.K, than what should have to do to regularized your over stay or extend your stay in U.K? Many migrants face this very frequent condition in the UK.  Different cases have different reason for overstay in the U.K. For example, if you are a student and completed your schooling and continue over stay here and begin your career by getting an employment and settle down. So it may vary from case to case.

Its all depend on the conditions and facts about your case, you may be entitled to legalize your stay through a special consideration applicable at that time under the immigration laws. There is also an option that you may submit application for “Leave to Remain" in the UK based upon the extended stay resident (stayed for more than 14 years), optional basis or your human rights. It is better to consult with an immigration Lawyer to inquire and advice on legalize overstay in the U.K, as the immigration authorities may anytime exit you from the UK. You can search expert Immigration Solicitors of U.K online and your case will be surely dealt with dedication and with personal care which gives you suitable best outcome.

overstay in UK visit visa
Your status become illegal once your visa in the UK expired, so you need to legalize the same and to carry on staying in the country; you may need help from a professional immigration lawyer. You may look for extended stay in the U.K on different basis; say for employment or due to fright of harassment to go back to mother country. However, to apply for a different visa category, you require initialing prove yourself entitled for the particular class of visa you are eager to apply for. Your Immigration silicate will help out you in scrutinizes what will be the finest alternative accessible for you depending upon the most recent policy and regulations of the immigration guidelines of the country.
Overstay in UK student visa

The range of visas through which one can come into or stay in the UK is vast, so it is only probable for a professional immigration lawyer to evaluate what will suit well in your case. Modifications in the policies and dispensations specified under immigration law are erudite by the lawyers quickly which you may be unsuccessful to observe. So, to get your legalization procedure smooth and to get most helpful result, contact with a professional immigration lawyer.