Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Get O-1 Visa

A person holding extra ordinary talent in some of the fields like commerce, science and education gets an extraordinary chance to work in United States. However, in order to enter into the U.S, person needs to get O-1 visa. The process of getting this visa is not very complicated, but it might turn out to be, if not taken a true step.

Here right step refers to the coordinating with O1 visas legal representative of NYC. This is for the reason that they would be well-known about the process beforehand, which you won't be conscious of while applying for this visa first time. Therefore if not done so, an only blunder made by you would ultimately delay your visa process.

So, if you don't wish for to hindrance your visa approval then here are a number of important steps that would be clarify to you by the legal representative while getting O1 visas:

The primary and principal step is to authenticate your offer of employment. Also make certain that you have received a written agreement of your employment as you would be asked to add a copy of your agreement as a evidence of your being employed.

Collect all the sustaining verification of your extraordinary skill, which would include of national or international commendation of your skills, awards, distinctions and accomplishments made in your know-how field. This is the most essential step of visa route as exclusive of it you won't be capable to get O1 visas.

Once proofs are collected, case for the visa appeal by filling the form I-129. But before filing the visa confirm that you haven't applied one year earlier than your real date of joining, as it would eradicate the time period of your residing in U.S. as an alternative of one year you should apply 45 days earlier than your employment date. However, if you have appointed a attorney in NYC then he or she would itself do your visa filing on time.
o-1 visa USA
After filing I-129 form, your visa application would arrive at the consular office. They would plan your interview during, which you would have to response only some of their queries related to your eligibility, employment, time period of your employment and little more.

Once your interview is finished you would find to know the outcome within only some hours or few days. And if, you have cleared through your interview you would be granted with the visa.
Lastly, you would be asked to visit the consular office along-with your passport to obtain the stamp of the visa.