Wednesday, July 24, 2013

US Green Card Renewal Application

Many with the persons come out particularly obnoxious with renewing officially authorized documents and one day come upon difficulty. So to keep away from any problem it actually is far good to renew all of your authorized paperwork like Green card before the expiry date. The Green card is issued for the period of 10 years and it should be renewed 6 months before the date of expiry. Green Card renewal is just not this type of a tricky process; you just have to pursue some rules provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You are skilled to obtain comprehensive details from USCIS web site relating to the Green card and US citizen details. You can also get ready for green card renewal online at US Immigration website.

Green Card Renewal Process

The first step for Green card renewal is to file the Form I-90. I-90 form for Green Card renewal can download from the official site of USCIS and may be obtain from USCIS office. After submitting I-90 Form, authorities may call you to submit required legal documents which applicant mentioned in his / her form for Green Card renewal. The possible documents need to attach with green card application form are private identification card, 3 recent photos, alien registration range, photocopy of expired, previous departure proof and green card renewal application payment.
USA Green Card Renewal

When authorities will receive your form, they'll call you and can ask you to submit the relevant original documents which you have mentioned in your I-90 form. After checking all the legal documents and papers authentic USCIS affix a non permanent sticker to expired Green card to assure that now applicant is a legal US resident.After this process you have to wait for final decision and in the mean while you can check your application status through online system. The USCIS authority will review your case and scenario and take a decision of acceptance or rejection of your application. If your application for green card renewal rejected than you will receive a notification from reviewing authority mentioning the reason of rejection.

US Citizenship Certificate

Certificate of US citizenship is certainly an authoritatively permitted document issued by the US immigration department to confirm that now you become a US citizen. You might get certificate of US citizenship by procedure of rule, if you are residing in US for any extended time period. Your parents can also get certificate of US citizenship if they are US residents and you was born in overseas. In another case if one of your parent’s mother or father becomes US residents before you get the age of eighteen than you are also eligible to apply for Citizenship Certificate. For getting US Citizenship Certificate you have to follow the process. The first step is to contact with USCIS administration to obtain N-560 or N-561 form or you can download it from USCIS official website. The US Citizenship information complete manual in the form of e-book can be obtained from USCIS site.
Green Card Renewal Process

After getting complete required information of US citizenship information, properly fill the required form N-560 or N-561 and file the case either by personally visit the USCIS office or send the complete case through mail. Once USCIS administration receives your application, they will review all the legal documents and your case and after approval you will be legal US Citizen. You can also get information related to lost, stolen of citizenship certificate or any kind of related information either directly from office or download from USCIS website. Through proper and clear information about Green Card process you can refine your application and manage your case in much better way.