Saturday, September 14, 2013

Australian Resident Return Visa

If you have Australian Citizenship than it gives you full rights to enter in Australia. Holder of permanent visa has right to stay and live in Australia till indefinite times. If you decide to move from outside the Australia, you must inform to the immigration authority about your rights to return Australia. The Australia Resident Return visa gives you right to stay and live in Australia indefinitely. 

The visa gives you right to travel outside the Australia and return to Australia as often as you desire till the validity period of the visa and your permanent resident status is maintaining in the meanwhile. Generally holder of permanent visa has right to travel into Australia within five years from the date of issuance. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough supporting documents to fulfill the requirements of Australian Resident Return visa, but you can show considerable ties of advantage to Australia you may be entitled to be approved the visa for one year.
Australian resident return Visa

Only, the Present and previous Australian permanent residents are eligible for Resident Return visa (subclass 155). If you lost your Australian nationality, this visa will give our right to regain it and you can also maintain your Australian Permanent resident status.

If your current visa is going to expire and you have decided to move outside the Australia, you should apply for visa renewal before your left the Australia. You must think about the validity of your permanent visa and apply for its renewal well before it expires. You must pay the visa application for applying Australia return resident visa. The fee charge for visa application is non-refundable unless your case for Australia return visa refused or withdraws. If you want to apply for family visa, you should pay separate visa fee for each family member for per visa application charge.
Australian resident return visa requirements

Australian Resident Return Visa Requirements

There are certain criteria to access your visa application form. If you fulfill the requirements for resident return visa (Subclass 155) than you will grant visa for a period of 5 years but if you do not fulfill the requirement, you application will review again whether you fulfill the certain requirements to gain three month resident return visa (sub class 157). (Done)

Whether you are eligible for Australia Resident Return visa you must be one of the following.
•    You should be an Australian permanent resident.
•    Holder of previous Australian permanent resident whose visa expired but was not cancelled.
•    A previous Australian Citizen who misplaced or surrender his / her citizenship.

Note: A previous permanent resident includes any individual who was accepted as a permanent resident of Australia within the circumstance of the immigration legislation that functional at the point they were living in Australia.