Saturday, February 8, 2014

Canada Skilled Visa Point Calculator

Some comprehensive amendments have been made to the immigration process in Canada. The new immigration rules will be implemented to those individuals who are interested to immigrate in Canada availing working opportunities. Individuals planning to migrate in Canada must consider two important points for processing their case without any trouble. Firstly, there is an increasing instability in Canada against Canadian employers drain the skilled brain from abroad and ignore the local Canadian citizens to fulfill the vacant positions. Secondly, there are many individuals applied for immigration to Canada is found in pending due to lack of Communication skill of two official Canadian languages - French and English.

There are different types of immigration category and immigration to Canada in skilled category is one of them and the person who get skilled visa also will also get permanent residence in Canada and contribute in the development of nation’s economy. There are also workforces who have the skills to occupied short-term positions in Canada but are not probable to lengthen their stay further than the defined requirement of the employer. The language skills and their adaptation is the main focus of the newly implemented Canada immigration rules. The other capabilities evaluated in skilled immigrations category are age, gender, profession and educational skills. If an applicant fulfills these requirements then before issuing skilled visa, individual must go through the medical examination as well as also submit security clearance report from concerned Police department to ensure whether the individual will cause any potential hazard for the country.
Canada Skilled Immigration

The some changes have been made in the Federal Skilled Worker Program started in the middle of year 2013. One of its most important characteristics is that persons must achieve at least 67 points based on the selection criteria for immigration as amended by the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The individuals also need to proof of working experience at least one year and also full-time paid continuous service for the last 10 years as per Australia 24 occupation list.

The Canadian employers usually sponsor the required skilled workers for their company. Before hiring a skilled worker for full time job, employers obtain a Labor Market Opinion for further confirmation. After analyzing the effect and demand of skilled worker for the interest of country and for favor of domestic workforce, LMO granted permission to the employer. The test of Language proficiency is also important step for selection procedure, even a person holding a PHD degree or have completed his / her 2 years studies from one of the recognized university / college of Canada, must fulfill the language requirement.
Canada Skilled Worker
The Canadian Government has approved four different organizations to process the applications in Fast-track Mode. The main responsibility of these organization is examine the educational documents of the individuals who want to get immigration of Canada and want to avail full-time working opportunity. There are 24 points will given to those applicants who fulfill the language proficiency requirement. The language proficiency may be cleared either through CELPID or IELTS. Maximum 12 points are given for age and 12 points for education and 15 points is for work experience. There are 10 points are given for adaptability and 10 points for arrangement of employment. The individuals who want to visit Canada in skilled visa as Spouse or relatives, special rule will be implemented on them specially individuals who are going to search employment opportunities.