Sunday, March 2, 2014

F-1 Visa

If a non-immigrant foreign student applied to any reputed institution of US, he / she has to apply F-1 visa once got enroll from that particular institution. After getting F-1 visa from US immigration department, he/ she is eligible to enter in the United States 30 days before the beginning of Classes. The student holder F-1 visa can stay and live in USA during the length of academic program.

The student should be enrolled and studies in a reputed institution. If the student selected an institution having no reputation or lose its reputation, student must search out another reputed institute within five months. If the student holder F-1 visa does not attend classes more than five months then visa will be treated as invalid or it may be cancelled by the immigration authorities.
f1 student visa

The students going to apply for F-1 visa must show English Language proficiency, if you are not proficient in English Language then you need to enroll with standard test centre’s IELTS or TOEFL for getting English language proficiency certificate. The language proficiency is very important because students who got F-1 visa attend classes where whole lecture will be given in English Language. During the lecture you need to concentrate and listen it carefully for passing exam, but if you don’t have language skills then the whole lecture becomes worthless for you.

The individual who has granted F-1 visa have to concentrate on their lectures. You need to show good grades to proof that you are doing well in your studies. The F-1 visa purely issued to students for higher studies in United States, so in most cases students have to proof that he / she is performing well in their studies by showing good grades in exams. The result will be examined by some of the representative from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The USCIS department may ask to student to provide proper documents for proofing relationship with your family members. The proof may be some property documents or employment offer letter in his or her native country before entering in the United States. The granted visa will be void within 60 days of the time that the student's program has arrived to finish. The students can get extension in the visa by getting admission in any Voluntary training Program. The best part of this training program is student can get 12 month of job experience.
f1 visa
If the student of F-1 visa holder is not interested to enroll in Voluntary training program, he or she needs to obtain permission for further stay in the United States. The only way to stay in united states after expiry of F-1 visa that individual apply for H-1B visa, if individual want to live and work in United states and for this purpose individual need to show letter of employment from US based employer.

You can check your eligibility and process your case for F-1 through some reputable immigration Lawyer, if you have no information about this visa. The good lawyer prepared your case as per required documents for the approval of visa. You can also check the document check list from USA official immigration site.